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Fine art speaks volumes…  Whether it is inside your home or place of business, art tells others about your personal and professional values, tastes, and styles, and can subtly reinforce the qualities you want to emphasize.  In this way fine art operates on many levels, providing personal pleasure, enhancing your environment, and relaying information to others. The best offer for gamblers online casino with payforit. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

Gaming has not ended up therefore fascinating like online games casino. Just during first minutes in addition to in a few important and you’re simply already presently there, with the industry of simple cash and also fun! Quality original artworks have real staying power and provide hours of viewing pleasure, rarely becoming “stale” or “invisible” in the way that inexpensive reproductions or “decor” art can.  It is the scale, texture, and materials from which original art works are made that give it this energy.  In addition, original artwork, whether historical or contemporary, is often quite affordable and may even accrue in value.

Consulting Services – What do we do for you?

Upper Canada Art Consulting is here to help you bring the benefits of original artwork into your home or business.  Once you decide to engage our services, after our first meeting we provide the following:

  1. Project Proposal, with budget breakdown
  2. Art Search, presentation of options
  3. Art Purchase (& framing where necessary)
  4. Installation and Documentation

We will first meet with you to discuss possibilities for art placement.  Whether this meeting is at your home or your place of business Upper Canada Art Consulting comes to you, but a site visit is usually essential.  In this first meeting we will discuss your art program.  You may already have some ideas in mind, and we’ll talk to you about your likes and dislikes, possible themes, the estimated budget, the scope of the project, and so forth.  There is no charge for the first hour of the initial meeting.

With the information gathered from our first meeting, Upper Canada Art Consulting will then write a project proposal.  In this step we will prepare a budget, contract, and letter of agreement.  With our knowledge of available art sources, artists, galleries, and market prices, we will be able to tell you what can likely be done with your available resources.

Once we are agreed on the proposal and contract, Upper Canada Art Consulting will go looking for artwork on your behalf and will then follow up with you to present samples of artwork for consideration and selection.  Once we have discussed the options and you have decided which artworks to purchase, Upper Canada Art Consulting will arrange for the purchase, framing (if necessary), and installation of the artwork that you have selected.  At the time of installation, UCAC will provide you with complete documentation for the artwork that you have purchased.  If the artwork is for your business, we will also provide and install labels for each work of art.

Additionally, if you have purchased art for your business, Upper Canada Art Consulting will conduct talks for employees about your art program if desired.

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Kamille Parkinson - Author PhotoFrom October 2010 through May 2015 Kamille Parkinson wrote a bi-weekly Arts Column, “Art in Print”, for The Kingston Whig Standard.  You can read her articles through the link below.  (Kamille Parkinson holds a PhD in Art History from Queen’s University and is the owner of Upper Canada Art Consulting.)

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