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Gaming hasn’t ever recently been thus thrilling much like live casino games online. Simply just during first minutes plus in some important and you are therefore witout a doubt now there, around the industry of uncomplicated funds along with enjoyable! With degrees in Archival Science and Art History, we at Upper Canada Art Consulting are uniquely qualified to catalogue and document your existing art collection.

Whether your art collection was acquired and purchased over time or inherited, documentation of the art is a smart first move in managing your artistic assets.

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Why is Collection Management important?

Artwork is an asset, as long as you know what you have.  Documentation of your collection, in the form of complete and up-to-date records, is of value to you for insurance, sale and tax purposes.

Over time original art and limited editions may increase in value.  But the value of any artwork is often relative to both its condition and the documented history attached to it.

Collection Management Services:

Upper Canada Art Consulting will provide you with complete documentation of your art collection, including full description, digital images, background research, and recommendations for display, storage, conservation or other care where necessary.

UCAC will retain a copy of your complete cataloque, so that you have the extra insurance of backup documentation off-site.

If desired, UCAC can also produce descriptive written materials for your collection, including (but not limited to) articles, brochures, summaries, or bound volumes.

Collection Maintenance:

If Upper Canada Art Consulting (or someone else) has completed Collection Management services for your collection in the past, UCAC can perform periodic maintenance services to update your records.

Collection Management Fees

Collection Management Projects:
2011 – Royal Military College of Canada (Museum), Art Collection.

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Kamille Parkinson - Author PhotoFrom October 2010 through May 2015 Kamille Parkinson wrote a bi-weekly Arts Column, “Art in Print”, for The Kingston Whig Standard.  You can read her articles through the link below.  (Kamille Parkinson holds a PhD in Art History from Queen’s University and is the owner of Upper Canada Art Consulting.)

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